MAA LIVE Event‘s

Live Streaming In India – GO LIVE!



Live Stream Your Next Event

MAA Live Events (MAA meaning “Ours”). Our live streaming services are used to capture the memories of Ur Weddings, Birthdays, Parties, Moments, Events, etc., Live webcast will capture your precious moments and will help you to connect with your near and dear’s closely.

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Corporate Events Streaming

LIVE STREAMING is already being leveraged by companies of all sizes in order to expand the reach and impact of key events, meetings and messages. Depending upon the nature of your business, you can use LIVE STREAMING

Live Surgeries Streaming

In The Operation Theatre Filming a live surgical or medical procedure during a live surgery meeting demands an experienced crew and a specialised set-up. We have been performing live surgery since 2011 during our medical training.

Roadshow Live Streaming

Stream Roadshows to public via live video streaming. Serving as an alternative to traditional newscasts and social media. Live video has taken over political social media coverage & News Broadcast.

Remote Location Streaming

Through the latest technology we Live Stream even in remote locations. Network Signals are no longer a hurdle for live streaming. Share your moments with your near & dears from anyw