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MAA Live Events (MAA meaning “it’s our event” we all ways support) Our live streaming site is used to capture your memories of Ur Weddings, Birthdays, Events, etc., Live webcast on Web will capturing your happiness moments our live webcast will help you to connect with your people. Nowadays usage of the social media environment is very high. By air Live Events/ stream you can take Ur company or Business to the Next level of connecting With the environment/people in the world.


Facebook & YouTube

A Facebook page will be created for the couple and wedding will be streamed on it so that friends can see the event LIVE ON FACEBOOK, comment of the proceedings and share the joy of wedding.



By our live webcast we can able to connect with the people by the streaming of your company National and international conferences, projects, workshops, panel discussion. By these methods u can able to engage Ur audience.


Surgery for Patient Education

We are specialized in live surgeries & Live webinars We have experienced and dedicated team for live surgeries. The viewing of a live surgery is an essential part of surgical Training. We have high quality web casting procedure which can be viewed by surgical trainees by the social media.

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